Up For Review - Game Edition

Our First Game Show was a blast to shoot, check it out

Up For Review - Fantasy Baseball Draft Guide 2012

Our Up For Review Team just finished putting together a 2012 Fantasy Baseball Draft guide. It's a very complete guide and if you are into fantasy baseball, I highly recommend giving it a read. 

Up For Review Fantasy Baseball Draft Guide


New Show - Up For Review

From the very beginning, we have been storytellers.

Seems an awkward line to be writing on the front page of a sports podcast, but in reality it is the truth that any sports fan can relate to. We watch the games on television, listening to the announcers who either captivate or disgust us. We listen to radio feeds/stations and podcasts listening to people who tell us something about the game or games we love. We watch sports with a blinding passion in person; taken up by the crowd’s intensity--telling everyone we see the next day: “I was there!” or “I saw that!”

We are all storytellers.

In our original concept for FenixTV we thought of a place to congregate the various streams of the Internet; build a ‘network’ of “Internet TV” that we could stream anywhere at anytime. Eight years of change and development in this wonderful field of online content has led to an explosion of innovation resulting in just that; networks of online content. Two years ago, we decided that our idea was no longer necessary; that the Internet had, almost naturally, recreated itself in the way we envisioned and that everyone with a pulse was covering the field of technology.

It was time for a change.

That change began with the simple act of brewing. One of our good friends bought his first supplies to brew wine and collectively we thought: “Where can we learn more about this?”

Of course we would turn to the Internet, but to our shock [and, quite honestly, collective pleasure] we found that there was a lack of online resources in this area.

We began to talk; first about brewing, but then--as our conversations have a tendency to do--the talk drifted into other topics; landing finally at the feet of our once-dead idea: a content service of our own. If other people wanted to cover technology and a few other major topics, we reasoned that we could cover everything else. Diversify. Find fields and hobbies and interests that we loved to devote time to but the Internet didn’t--or couldn’t--adequately cover.

So then how did we settle on sports of all things to become our first, regularly scheduled podcast?

We come, yet again, to another story (but I promise I’ll [try] to keep this one brief). For as long as I can remember I have been around, watched and loved sports. I am the son of a career-coach; and some of my earliest memories of my father are riding around in big yellow school buses with athletes who seemed to tower over me and, much more importantly, watching from just behind the bench as those athletes were directed by a powerful motivator and teacher.

I remember euphoric wins and depressing, soul-wrenching losses. I remember the sweat and tears of athletes both tired and elated. I remember crowds of pure energy screaming, yelling and jumping at the sight of ‘their team.’

Most of all I remember moments. Moments of absolute drama and adrenaline: moments that we rarely see in our everyday lives but spend every moment searching for.

Because of my love for these moments, these feelings of passion and depression, winning and losing, I have unconsciously sought out friends that feel the same, friends that live and die with their teams even as they appreciate the moments that they are witnessing. Fans, not only of teams, but of sports.

With those friends I have spent countless hours talking about the sports that we know and love, and in those discussions one thing consistently popped up: people who normally had no love or interest in sports kept telling us that they loved our discussions because of the intensity with which we spoke or the ferocity with which we argued.

And an idea was born.

We are all still relatively new with broadcasting, but I truly believe that through these initial ten weeks of ‘beta’ podcasts we are developing a product that people will truly love to have. We strive every week not only to bring the news of sports to our listeners, but to give them a feeling or a moment or an idea about sports.

That was what I grew up with—the feeling that I fell in love with—and, when it is all said and done, our goal is to give that gift to you too.

Because, in the end, we are all storytellers.

Rick Lewis
rick ( at ) fenixtv ( dot ) net


Up For Review Launches Feburary 24th 2012